Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gentle Reminders

I've been so sleepy these past few days. Bone tired. The kind of sleepy that knocks you off your feet and insists that naps and hot baths are a requirement. Sit still and stop moving for goodness sake. 
Eat some fruit. You surely can't live on coffee. But wouldn't that be nice? 

Let the kids make themselves sandwiches for supper and then eat all of the ice cream for dessert. Give up the idea of having to put kids to bed by a certain time. They will surely fall asleep once they're tired enough. Sneak into their rooms later and kiss them on the forehead and make sure they're tucked in all cozy. Smile because you know they'll all sleep through the night. 

Consider the craft supplies and the bits of yarn and fabric all over the place to be evidence that shit is getting done..things are being created and a cozy little business is being built.  

See how the porch is still cluttered with winter boots, skates and random mittens? I heard an old lady say it could snow this weekend, so it's best to leave all of that stuff there just to be sure. 

Unplug the wi-fi and notice how the kids snap out of their zombie-like trances. Put them to work around the house and they will eventually wander outside to play when they realize that housework is boring. Let them stay out past dark without worrying, because the worst thing that could happen is they encounter a skunk or a curious fox. Encourage them to get muddy and climb trees and scrape their knees. Casually pluck a wood tick from Catie's hair and flush it down the toilet. 

Stay up late making jewelry, crocheting and drinking coffee because that's what you want to do. Don't look at the clock.

Spend an entire weekend watching Netflix and napping in between episodes. Play your music as loud as you want because you're lucky not to have any neighbors around to complain about it ;)

Wear red lipstick for no reason and douse yourself in patchouli oil because you like the earthy way it smells. Paint your toes purple. Pile your hair up in a messy bun and ponder the idea of dreadlocks and tattoos and sundresses. 

Stand barefoot in the grass and watch the fat robins sitting on the telephone wire. Hear the ducks quacking and the frogs croaking in the pond down the street. Gather bits of lush moss from that secret spot behind the house. 

Scrub your face with brown sugar and honey before you go to bed and then moisturize with coconut oil. Bring a giant cup of lemon tea to bed and get cozy under your million quilts. Open the window and let the cool night air in. Observe the twinkle of stars and listen to the silence. Be grateful for this quiet little piece of heaven far from the city. 

Everything is fine :) 

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