Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Etsy Made in Canada Market

September has been quite a pretty busy month around here! The kids are back to school and getting settled into their new routines and I've been preparing for the Etsy Made in Canada pop up market coming up on Saturday the 26th. 

I've been sewing up some infinity scarves, crocheting mandala necklaces as well as a ton of other goodies. I participated in the Saskatoon show last year, but this year I'll be in my hometown of Regina. Hoping to see some familiar faces :)

The weekends have been reserved for napping, crafting and exploring. I am always amazed by the things that I stumble upon :)

This abandoned farmhouse was completely destroyed inside, yet it was so beautiful. I really wanted to take that door home with me and turn it into a pretty table or gardening bench :)

I snuck up an hour early this morning to blog and have my coffee before the kids woke up. Soon I will be packing lunches, breaking up random fights and trying to figure out where the hell all the socks went. Seriously, where DO they go? 

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