Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunday Sledding On The Prairies

It was the perfect day for sledding. The sun was out, the weather was warm and there was just the right amount of snow. My man recently surprised me with a cute little skidoo so I could join him on his adventures.
 (I'm also planning to flee to Alaska at some point, but that's a whole other blog post ;) 

When you're out exploring the prairies on a skidoo, there are so many more exciting places you can get to. Usually I'm just driving around in my minivan with my camera and hoping I don't get a flat tire or end up stuck in a ditch. 

On a sled, you can wind your way down into little valleys, zip through the trees and across small frozen ponds. 

This my cute little sled. I could fit a lot of yarn (or cats) in the basket carrier at the back. I think I'm going to need a coffee cup holder too - and then figure out how to drink coffee while sledding. 
I was also pleased when my guy pointed out that my ski jacket matched my sled. Nice.

We've seen lots of coyotes, a few deer and the occasional moose out on our adventures. The coyotes will sometimes playfully run alongside some of the faster moving sleds. 

There are cozy skidoo shacks placed strategically all over the place so you can stop for a rest and warm up next to the wood stove and roast a few hot dogs.

The view from up on top of this hill was spectacular. The view going down the hill on my sled was a little terrifying, but once I caught my breath, I was fine :)

I'm looking forward to my next sledding adventure. I think this is the first winter that I've actually appreciated the snow. I'm hoping we get lots more! 

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