Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter Weekends

We were out sledding again this past Saturday and came upon this old house. I'd been here before back in the summertime when there were swallows nesting everywhere inside. 

The interior is in shambles. Doors ripped from hinges, bullet holes in the walls, shards of glass everywhere. Back in the day it was probably a cozy little home. So much character in these old houses compared to the ones being built today. 

This old barn caught my eye, but the entire yard was fenced off so we couldn't get much closer than this, 

The bison were out all grazing, enjoying the sun and the warm breeze. They're such calm and quiet animals. Gentle beasts. I'm still glad there was a fence between us :)

I'm hoping the snow sticks around for another month or so at least. There's so much more exploring that needs to be done! 

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