Friday, February 17, 2017

Sledding for Sanity

I've lost track of how many days I've spent at home with sick kids. Fevers and coughing, runny noses and achy muscles. They've spent hours in their beds resting, watching YouTube videos and eating popsicles. I bring cold cloths for their foreheads, bottles of gingerale for upset tummies and rub their backs. 

"I have memories of summer", Seamus says dreamily. His cheeks are bright red from fever.
 He's 10 and I'm sure it has felt like the longest winter ever for him. He's itching to get outside to ride his bike and bounce on the trampoline. 

"Bless you!" he yells down at me from his room when he hears me let out a giant sneeze. I too have been battling all of these viruses. I'm thankful for the amount of naps we've all been able to take and that I can easily work from home in between all of the resting. 

Last weekend, there was a momentary break between the kids being sick and the weather was just perfect. I was able to get outside for some fresh air to go skiddooing with my boyfriend and a group of friends.

I tend to lose all sense of time and direction when I'm out sledding. I'm always too busy taking in all of the scenery and snapping photos. For that reason, I would never venture out on my own because I would surely get stuck and freeze to death in a farmer's field somewhere. In fact, that could have happened on this particular trip. 

At one point near the beginning of the trip, I found myself and my skiddoo nestled snugly in a clump of shrubbery. I had been driving around the side of a hill and the deep snow and my lack of speed caused me to veer into the bushes. I believe the words "Oh shit!" may have escaped my lips. 

I was stuck and couldn't get out. I panicked briefly before realizing that my absence from the pack of other sledders would surely be noticed. 

"That's sure a funny place to park," my boyfriend said with a grin. Much to my relief, he appeared only a minute or two later to rescue me.

He'd driven over the hill and I'd gone around it and when he looked back he noticed I was missing immediately. So after a bit of digging and muscle, I was back on the 'road' again. 

Later that afternoon, we ended up at this cozy little shack. There was wood stove inside so you could warm up and a couple of old leather couches to relax on. 

The guys cracked beers, built a big fire outside and sharpened sticks so we could roast hot dogs and smokies. They were delicious. 

We stayed for about an hour or so before we headed back towards town. I was pretty tired by the time we got home. So much fresh air and adventure after being stuck indoors for so long. 

The weather has warmed up significantly over the past few days and the snow is melting like crazy today. I'm secretly hoping we get another big snowfall before Spring officially arrives. One snowmobile trip just isn't enough! 

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